Detour Ahead

Track 4: Detour Ahead

Released Sept 6, 2013 

Audio excerpts:

Track 8: My Romance
Track 2: Lucky Ol’ Sun
Track 6: New York on Sunday
Track 7: To Make You Feel My Love

To listen to more excerpts from the CD, visit the Audio Clips page.

Liner Notes

This CD began in wintry February and by summertime life had taken an unexpected turn as life does. I put this project aside for a while taking time to find harmony with the change. Sometimes the long way around gets you there in the best of ways. What seemed like an obstacle turned into an opportunity bringing in new vitality, inspiration and enthusiasm to complete this CD.

A “detour” can be a marvelous fate, a renewal, like a good rain that clears the air. Predicament to possibility. On route, this detour provided the good fortune to bring in many musicians I love and admire. It’s my intention that these songs add joy and a thoughtful moment to your day.

This CD is dedicated to my granddaughter, Zhalet, her beautiful mother Rebekah, and to the circle of family and friends who sustain and believe in me, encourage and surround me with their care and affection. I love you all so much.

With appreciation and an enthusiastic THANK YOU to all of the musicians who grace this CD and the planet with their passion for the music! I am thrilled to have you all on this recording. So many times listening back and smiling… which “take” to choose… so many, so wonderful! My affection and appreciation to you always.

A special thanks to Danny Bernini – My gratitude and affection for your steadfast ear(s) and input, imagination and help in completing this project. I couldn’t have done it without you and Paul at Spirithouse Records. I got the spirit myself from being at the “Spirithouse”… may the “force” (spirit) always be with you.

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