Dan Singer on Detour Ahead: “Understands each lyric…”

Dan Singer, (NYC), a reviewer for In Tune International had this to say about Barbara and company’s Detour Ahead:


Barbara Ween is some miles ahead of many here in her dozen-song cd debut. “Out Of This World” (Arlen/Mercer) is easily out of this world and most appealing. Right from the start she swingingly delves into it with an amazing surprising appealing scat midway. “That Lucky Old Sun” (Gilespie/ Smith) is uniquely sung as a clear sounding blues. It certainly is time for a revival of this song, especially by a female. “Can’t Help Singing” (Kern/Harburg) is ably assisted by Joe Belmont’s nylon guitar. The combination is quite fitting. This title song is from the 1944 film treat. Barbara has another wonderful soft scat while being supported by ace flugelhorn player Dave Bilodeau. “Detour Ahead” (Frigo/Ellis/Carter) is amazing. With just Beau Sasser’s Hammond B3 organ together they spell out a most electrifying musical delight. They squeeze the life out of it. “Never Never Land” (Comden/ Green/Styne) from Broadway’s 1950 “Peter Pan” is crooned ever so softly. It’s clear Ms. Ween really understands each lyric she sings. Take it from another fine singer, Karrin Allyson, who says “I Love This Album”.

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